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VITAL 7 is specially formulated with 7 different types of vitamins: B3, B5, B6, C, E, F & H. These vitamins penetrate deep into the skin's dermis layer to restore skin cells vitality, hence achieving a soft and smooth complexion. Newly formulated active ingredient, AA2G, has effective whitening properties that target dark spots and blemishes, leaving the skin brighter and clearer.


  • 7 different types of Vitamins Advanced Nano technology to help deep and quick absorption of nutrients
  • Restores skin cells vitality and boost regeneration Hydrating properties leaving skin soft and smooth
  • Whitening effect with AA2G that targets dark spots and pigments, achieving a brighter complexion
  • Strong antioxidant properties

How to use

Apply evenly to the entire face region. Re-apply to blemishes, pigmented or problem areas.


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